Sarah K. Berckman, Certified Rolfer

About Sarah

I have the honor and pleasure of working with Savannah's only Certified Rolfer!

Sarah graduated  from the Ida P. Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 2013.  Previously she has provided Rolfing to the communities of Valdosta and Albany, GA. Savannah is lucky to have her!

Before her career as a Rolfer she had a sedentary job doing desk work paired with a long commute to and from work. She often turned to massage Therapy to alleviate the chronic tension her neck and shoulders. As fate would have it, her Massage Therapist became a Rolfer, and so Sarah decided to try Rolfing......

"It was like a weight was lifted of my shoulders. I felt lighter and not just in a physical sense, but also emotionally and mentally. I had an overall sense of feeling lighter, freer, and more optimistic.  It shifted my perspective at a crucial time in my life."

Luckily for you she decided to attend the Ida P. Rolf Institute  herself so that others could also experience the benifits of Rolfing.